What are your favourite wintertime activities?

My all-time favourite wintertime activities

So it’s official! Winter has begun…

What are your favourite wintertime activities? Keeping warm and rugged up on the couch? Attempting a massive puzzle?

Hitting the slopes to do some skiing? Escaping the cold to somewhere warmer? 😉

Here are five of my all-time favourite wintertime activities

Pub meal by an open fire

I think one of my most googled phrases might be ‘best pubs with open fires’ … I just love the atmosphere of a warm, crackling fire! We are lucky that our local pub – Aireys Inlet Pub has a massive open fire in its public bar. It is super toasty during winter. A La Grecque in Aireys Inlet also has an open fire in its restaurant.

A La Grecque Aireys Inlet Great Ocean Road


I don’t love getting hot and sweaty especially carrying a day pack or an ergo-baby carrier! So walking in winter is great and equals way less sweatiness! And still with the chance of perfect blue skies and sunshine!

Hiking in Moggs Creek Great Ocean Road

Going for a drive to somewhere new

I love exploring – our whole family does. So sometimes we might choose a town we haven’t been to before (or not for a while anyhow) and set out on a little day trip. Winter is a perfect time for this as we don’t need to rely on the weather for driving exploration.

Road trip Great Ocean Road

Snuggling up by the fire with a good book

Again with the fire I know… but sitting by a roaring fire, all rugged up and with a good book is my kind of perfect.

Reading by the open fire


It’s not my absolute favourite thing to do but Nathan is really into photography. The light in winter means that there can be some excellent chances for superb shots and even dramatic weather conditions can add to the image.

Moggs Creek Beach Great Ocean Road
Tracy Condidorio, photographer, Moggs Creek beach


What are your favourite wintertime activities? Do you prefer to stay snug indoors or explore outdoors? Let us know below!


Happy camping,


Penny and the whole Tall Trees Camping family


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