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Why we should go to the beach more often

Did you know that is scientifically proven that we should go to the beach more often?

That the calm and restorative feeling you get from the beach, has actually been scientifically described?

“Blue space” is what scientists call the combined affect of the ocean smells and sounds of the rolling waves.

According to the scientists, we should go to the beach more often.  Here is how we can all use beach visits to improve our mental and physical health:

Going to the beach reduces stress

Water is one of nature’s de-stressors. Have you noticed when you spend time at the beach you get feelings of calmness and relaxation? Well it’s not in your head. Science has proven it.

We usually participate in some kind of physical activity while we’re at the beach too – and this is definitely a good thing for our overall health. A walk, a jog, a game or a swim – all count towards our activity, reduce our feelings of stress and help improve our mood.

The beach boosts your creativity

Where do you get your best ideas? When you are out walking? Outside in nature? In the shower? Going to the beach is a huge creativity booster. So when you are looking for a solution to that problem at work, or your next big business idea, plan a trip to the beach.

Going to the beach can help reduce feelings of depression

Sunshine has been proven to help us feel better and happier. No one is saying that a bit of sun and time at the beach is a cure all for depressive symptoms, but it can help us feel happier and lighter.

Autumn is perfect camping weather

Spending time at the beach can change your perspective on life

The beach keeps us recharged and invigorated. In summer we are blessed with warmth and sunshine, and in winter wind and wild waves. Whatever the time of year, a bit of beach time can help us re-set.


So what are we all waiting for!!

Get to the beach!!


Until next time, happy camping!

Penny and the whole Tall Trees Camping family



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